Towngas Sustainability Report 2017

by Urban Air Design Limited

Towngas is one of the oldest public utility providing reliable energy suppliers for millions of families in Hong Kong since 1862. Over the past 150 years, Towngas has been playing an important role in economic growth and continuous contribution to livelihood improvement for the society. The design concept was inspired by the corporate logo of Towngas. The cover layout featured the “flame” as the major visual element, playing around with Towngas’ iconic logo. We applied layers of paper artwork to form the flame logo and the feathers of a peacock. The feathers opening animation of a peacock implied the meaning that Towngas has been extending its past corporate vision to a new “Vision for a Greener Future” as the theme of this year’s report. Towngas will continuous create a glittering future to the community with embracing innovative solutions. Peacock has a special feature that the male peacocks expand their feathers when they are facing some challenges. In Chinese, this phenomenon implies growing and expanding. With concrete foundation, Towngas has been actively exploring opportunities for long-term business growth without compromising any negative influences to the nature. Towngas has a strong believe that sustainability is a guiding principle to drive the business success. Not only making a steady profit growth for the corporation, as a responsible public utility, Towngas has also taken into account the environmental contribution to the community, ranging from exploring innovative solutions for a greener energy source to promoting environmental conscious in public education. Towngas has been contributing the community by organizing varieties of activities, such as supporting young talents in experimental projects, caring services to the people who are in-needs and organizing different lifestyle programmes to encourage the work-life balances culture for well-beings, etc. A caring and harmonized community is cultivated. The bold feather image presented upfront which makes a statement of the corporation’s commitment that Towngas is ready to fly for the extra miles ahead with strong sustainability vision and concrete foundation. To create a visual impact to the audience yet without sacrificing the humanity touch of the design, muted and vivid colours are well integrated to give a harmonic look and feel to the report. Green and blue have been adopted throughout the report not only for consistency purpose but also implies Towngas is turning to a brighter and greener future. To enhance the consistency and continuity of the design concept, the peacock feather has been used as a key graphic element adopted as supporting graphics or has been used in customized infographic design throughout the report. Being a responsible corporation, Towngas will aim at pursuing a greener and better future for all by achieving sustainability development. With a holistic sustainable strategy developed and lead by the management as the blueprint, the team will perpetually contribute whose utmost efforts to make a change addressing the potential challenges in ever-changing world. Towngas is proudly to present her Sustainability Report 2017 and to invite the stakeholders together building a better future.

Silver in Book Design 2019

Design Director
Ng Wai Ming Chirs
The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas)
Design Team
Rao Amandeep, Tse Kin Wa Jeff
Urban Air Design Limited, HK
The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas), HK

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