by Noroff Fagskole

Science meets coffee

This was a school project where the task was to create a brand and packaging design for a coffee company. CHNO is the name of the coffee brand I made and it stands for the formula to caffeine which is C8H10N402, I removed the numbers and got the name CHNO, which also made it simple and minimal. I wanted to bring science people/ Nerdy people to the coffee chain by creating a brand that speaks to them.

The unique brand

My brand is also based on the periodic table, where each product has their own letter from an element in the periodic table. By doing this I also increased the number of products the coffee chain could produce by using the whole periodic system and its also something that science people can relate to in their daily life.

The design

Designing the package was not an easy task. I had to sit down and think what really matters and what the focus should be and the key to a science daily routine. I did some research and found out they had a sheet called Safety Data Sheet, which was basically a sheet with all the formula and identification on different types of information. I then based my design after this sheet to make a ground rule for my design.


Gold in Branding 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Kristoffer Kvale

Design Company

Noroff Fagskole