Blaafrost music festival

by Natiwe Design Agency

A new festival identity for 2016

My mission was to further develop the festival’s identity by linking it even closer to the shipyard’s rich history. This was achieved by using maritime symbols and language (flags and morse) to create messages for the festival’s marketing. 


Surprise and engage.

We created an interactive experience for festival participants by exposing them to posters that responded when walking by. Six sensor-controlled posters were equipped with smoke machines and lights. Triggered by movement, a tiny computer released smoke from the posters and turned on the frosty blue light.

All visual elements and symbols were also used on the festival’s digital platforms (website, Instagram etc).


Silver in Interaction Design 2019

Silver in Branding 2019

Bronze in Integrated Graphic Design 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Frank Trana

Design Company

Natiwe Design Agency


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Blåfrost v/Øivind Holthe

Design Team

Frank Trana, Ole Ekker, Norwegian Creations.

Video (direct link)

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Entrant Companies

Natiwe Design Agency, NO


Blåfrost Music Festival, NO

Individual Credits

Creative: Frank Trana, Natiwe Design Agency