Two Wise Fish - Restaurant Branding

by Hover Creative

Based on Australia's Gold Coast, Two Wise Fish is a Fish & Chips shop that brings a modern twist to traditional local favourite dishes. We were commissioned to develop their brand and visual identity with the aim to communicate the family's tradition, reframing it to target a new audience and to fit within the stunning interiors crafted by OJ Thompson.

One of the central pieces of the identity, the logo was designed as a visual representation of "Two Wise Fish" with nautical motifs of ropes and anchors. As a supporting element, we crafted a pattern that resembles fish scales and oysters textures, adding an extra flavour to the identity. To complete the brand, we crafted the "Words of wisdom" tone of voice concept to be rolled out throughout most touch points, bringing nautical folklore into the brand, giving it a friendly and light-hearted personality and character, much like a wise grandparent advising the young ones.


Gold in Logos 2019

Silver in Branding 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Gabriel Celuque

Design Company

Hover Creative


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Two Wise Fish