Play Safe Website

by Tiny Hunter

Following a competitive tender process, Tiny Hunter was chosen to rebrand safe sex resource, Play Safe. The aim was to create a space that truly resonates with young people in NSW. As a sensitive subject – and one that people do not generally actively look to engage with – it was important that the new brand connected authentically with the audience. Insight and research was key. The new brand, tone of voice, messaging, content and website is based on various stages of audience research including one-to-one peer interviews about what users wanted from the Play Safe website. The second stage of research included user testing to assess overall user experience, ease of use, and connection with the target audience. The resulting brand and website is much edgier than its predecessor, with language and design that is inclusive, welcoming, and takes a ‘peer to peer’ rather than a ‘government’ approach. Web traffic, forum interaction, and increases in key performance indicators like ‘Nurse Nettie’ enquiries (a real sexual health nurse based in Sydney) shows that the target audience is asking for advice and engaging with the service. The site has also received widespread support across the sector.

Silver in Website Design 2019

Design Director
Ben Barkwith
NSW Health
Design Team
Ara Isidro
Tiny Hunter, AU
NSW Health, AU

Brooke Nolan, Tiny Hunter
Creative Director
Emma Scott, Tiny Hunter

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