Chroma Dermatology

by Next Brand

Chroma Dermatology is a skin clinic specialising in skin of colour (essentially non-white skin). This is a very specialised field even though the diagnostics and treatment of skin of colour can be very different to treating white skin. Next Brand developed the name and brand which is intended to grow from a local clinic to an international franchise. The eventual concept will include conferences, educational event and, ultimately, aims to become a peak body consulting on this matter.

The logo was carefully considered as a gauge of skin colour (chroma). The colours selected were based on the Fitzpatrick scale which is an accepted industry standard for classifying skin colour for medical treatment purposes.

The secondary pattern (which can be seen on the reverse of the business card, for example) is based the skin pattern of a fingerprint.


Silver in Branding 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Lee Selsick

Design Company

Next Brand


Chroma Dermatology

Design Team

Lee Selsick and Adeline Kim


Individual Credits

Strategy and Design: Lee Selsick, Next Brand
Designer: Adeline Kim, Next Brand