IBM Event Streams

by IBM

The IBM Event Steams team have redesigned today's experience of Apache Kafka™, a highly technical and complex data streaming tool, to create a new user experience for data storing and transporting. The solution guides users through their Kafka tasks in a visually appealing user interface and offers an integrated support community around the product. IBM Event Streams sits in the middle of a organisations infrastructure, integrating separate applications enabling the business to access all their realtime information.

The design team's overall goals were to create a product that will meet the needs of a Kafka power user, but also doesn’t overwhelm new users; to allow a user of any level to easily understand the health of their Kafka installation so that Dev-Ops Engineers can easily copy their data to another location as a back up; and lastly to create a support experience for all of our customers to build trust in IBM Event Stream and what our technology can do. 


Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation 2019

Bronze in Interactive Design 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Andrew Gatford

Design Company



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Design Team

Vikki Paterson, Chatura Fernando, Peter Loveland, Sasha Williamson, Tom Waterton, Simon Moore