CRED Brand Identity

by Meaningful Works

CRED is a new brand in a new space, with crypto lines of credit, and the sensibility of a global community. Our logo needed to convey our community, in action, so it became the nonstop motion of Cred itself – people coming into it, moving around in it and congregating together, just as they do when using the brand. Cred is simplified to a single capital C, showing the strength in one community, and focusing on the simplicity of being here for each individual. It’s a logo made of people, for a brand that values its community above all else.


Silver in Branding 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Youna Jang

Design Company

Meaningful Works


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Design Team

Eric Boisvert, Creative Director Nate Dolce, Creative Director Youna Jang, Art Director Josephine Law, Graphic Designer Christine Ye, UI/UX Des...