Kanso by Dorf Brochure

by Tiny Hunter

Never compromising on design and always focused on quality, for 70 years Melbourne-borne Dorf has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in tapware.

When the time came to launch its new 2019 bathroom and kitchen collection, Kanso - a collection that would reaffirm the brand as a purveyor and creator of incredible design - Dorf engaged Tiny Hunter to create a sales brochure that didn’t look or feel like every other catalogue.

We approached this brochure creation as if approaching a piece of art. We told the story of Dorf and Kanso through the eyes of the target market, designing and building geometric 3D abstract sets which we then shot beautifully. These images were flowed throughout the brochure.

The outcome was not only a piece of collateral that communicated the details required for a sales brochure, but also positioned Dorf as true Australian artists.


Bronze in Promotional Materials 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Emma Scott

Design Company

Tiny Hunter


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Design Team

Ben Barkwith, Jen Mellander


Entrant Companies

Tiny Hunter, AU


Dorf, AU

Individual Credits

Copywriter: Brooke Nolan, Tiny Hunter
Photographer: Guy Bailey