Primona Brand Design

by Process Ltd.

Primona is dedicated to producing premium and natural chicken related products especially the best chicken essence, and regards "providing customers with the ultimate service experience" as the highest principle. In order to expand the brand into the international high-end market and truly convey the preciousness of the brand, we clarify its brand strategy, refined the core value and developed the English name through the rebranding project. The new brand identity was inspired by its patented unique "round chicken essence", which reflects the exquisite preciousness of chicken essence through elegance and simple lines. We express the brand spirit of primona through the new brand identity and maintain the original price to give back to their consumers.

In Taiwan, the chicken essence brands are usually presented in the traditional or oriental style, and it makes it difficult to expand into the international market. The aim of this rebranding project is making primona entering the international market and distinguishes it from other competitors.

We use the “round” design that represents Primona's chicken essence to strengthen the link between the brand identity and products and express brand as outstanding as the sun. Primona redefines the image of chicken essence gifting culture, stunning consumers with a unique and exquisite image, and becoming the highlight in the chicken essence market.


Gold in Branding 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Xinhong Yeh

Design Company

Process Ltd.


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Design Team

Eting Liao, Jules Li, Kaiching Liu, Estela Lin, Angel Yang, dot dot design

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Entrant Companies

Dot Dot Design, TW
Process Ltd., TW


primona Ltd., TW
Foolish Farm, TW

Individual Credits

Interior Design Director: Minchin Hsu, Dot Dot Design
Interior Designer: Hsiaochieh Chou, Dot Dot Design
Project Manager: Maoxin Sun, primona Ltd.