garden - Your finances, naturally

by Munich ReThink GmbH

Garden is a personal finances app where users can define savings goals and invest their savings in one of three investment strategies, that can enable them to achieve their goals faster according to their risk disposition.
The Story:
Imagine managing your saving goals becomes a walk through a Garden – light, enjoyable and comforting. A place, where you can watch your savings grow like flowers, nourish them, take care of them and watch them coming to full bloom. In your very own Garden, you start saving projects that plant the seeds to make a personal dream come to life. It offers an inspirational place to sit down, relax and ponder: This place is about dreams, not everyday finances. As such, it is an individual and unique space, that can be designed in accordance to what fits your dreams the best: A small and easy-to-overlook private garden, or a big and versatile park. At the same time, this vivid and colorful space offers a safe and secure place, reliable and trustworthy, which marks the ideal starting point for personal future projects.


Gold in Apps 2019

Silver in Mobile App 2019

Silver in Mobile Interaction & Experience 2019

Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Simon Biemer

Design Company

Munich ReThink GmbH

Design Team

Malthe Luda, Daniel Wagner, Felix van de Sand, Felix Menzel, Benedikt Matern, Maria Izquierdo Pardo, Esther Daweke, Andreas Lohner, Adrian Pavic, J...


Entrant Companies

Munich ReThink GmbH, DE


Munich ReThink GmbH, DE