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One Click Care Branding


Professional Branding



Design Director:

Alexis FUNG

Design Team:

Joey NG, Thomas TAM


Cardinal Points Advertising Co.,Ltd.


Hong Kong Angelman Syndrome Foundation

One Click Care is a project launched by our long term client, Hong Kong Angelman Syndrome Foundation - an organisation found by parents of a child suffered from the Angelman Syndrome to assist individuals and their families living with genetic disorder (for more inforamtion, please click on their website which is also developed by us: The project aims to educate the wider community about the differently-abled and encourage social inclusion. Its mission is to build a bi-lingual platform to share research and information, as well as providing support for individuals with genetic disorder and their families. By engaging them and local businesses, One Click Care hope to make a positive impact on the lives of the disadvantaged and we, as general public, can be more inclusive and understanding to create a better community environment for us all to live in. We have designed a logo that embody such mission and goals - two people embracing each other to become a laughing face. As One Click Care aim to create a platform to share research and information for those in needs, we extend this concept into a railway track, each stop is a specific knowledge regarding how we can do a better job at catering the disable.