Argyle Pink Diamonds 2017 Tender

by Tiny Hunter

Background For the fourth consecutive year, Argyle Pink Diamonds entrusted Tiny Hunter with showcasing its unique collection of the most rare and alluring diamonds produced from the Argyle Diamond Mine. Taking inspiration from this years’ collection ‘Custodians of rare beauty’, the creative brings to life the myriad of facets reflected in the rare Argyle Pink Diamond. Objective To showcase the rarity and exquisiteness of Argyle Pink Diamonds To reflect the 2017 collection ‘Custodians of Rare Beauty’ To create a truly luxury showcase Approach Emblematic motif patterns frame the intense colour and brilliantly cut form of the Argyle Pink Diamond 2017 collection. Each diamond is depicted within the design with kaleidoscopic refractions of light. These beautiful light formations serve as a visual metaphor, almost mirroring the many elements that bring each diamond into being. As custodians of our natural world and wonders, the design also pays homage to the Argyle Pink Diamond in its natural state. This is referenced symbolically through the soft pink hue of the elegant slipcase, the raw textured stock selected and the soft watercolour shades throughout. Each design element has been carefully considered to embody the beyond luxury allure and desirability of the exclusive Argyle Pink Diamond, and to convey the care and respect taken in the gathering of the rarest diamonds in the world. Headlining the exquisite collection is the Argyle Everglow™; an impossibly rare 2.11 carat Fancy Red Radiant cut diamond. It is the largest red diamond ever to be unearthed from the Argyle Diamond Mine, adding to only 20 carats of Red graded diamonds that have been offered in 33 years of the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender. The project included creative concept, design, print management, launch collateral.

Gold in Branding 2018

Design Director
Jen Mellander
Argyle Pink Diamonds
Design Team
Creative Director - Emma Scott Designers - Jen Melander, Phoebe Cheong
Tiny Hunter, AU
Argyle Pink Diamonds, AU

Creative Director
Emma Scott, Tiny Hunter
Jen Mellander, Tiny Hunter
Phoebe Cheong, Tiny Hunter

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