Shinrin Yoku

by Evelyn Tran

The term ‘Shinrin Yoku,’ or better known as ‘forest bathing,’ is a popular contemporary practice in Japanese health science. It involves solitary walks through a natural environment whilst engaging intimately with all of one’s five senses. Reaped for its health benefits such as reduced blood pressure and stress levels, improved sleep and clarity of thought and focus, it is widely practised in Eastern cultures.

In today’s society, with GPS technology and access to the Internet, printed street directories are a thing of the past. This project repurposes its use through an integration of the Japanese practice of Shinrin Yoku with existing hiking tracks and walks. It is a series of guided maps that gives suggestions on how to get the best out of Shinrin Yoku at a particular track —in this edition,
The Grand Canyon Walk, Blue Mountains.

Featuring beautifully written pieces on the benefits of Nature on wellbeing and The Grand Canyon Walk by renowned professor and author, Adam Alter and award-winning journalist and author, Ken Eastwood respectively.


Gold in Book Design 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Evelyn Tran


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