The patient population in China is vast and existing public healthcare resources are unable to meet its increasing demands. Frequent medical accidents caused by unnecessary and excessive treatments have resulted in mistrust with public healthcare services whereas private healthcare provides only basic treatments and its costly and non-standard procedures has deterred many Chinese consumers. In 2009, Jiahui Health was established in Shanghai. After eight years of development, Jiahui International Hospital became China's first Sino-foreign joint venture integrated medical and health ecosystem. It includes Jiahui Clinic for outpatient care, Jiahui International Hospital for tertiary care, and Jiahui Wellness for health management, providing a full spectrum of personalized care, convenience, and quality healthcare services. With the rapid expansion Jiahui Health in the Chinese healthcare landscape, the original brand image could not reflect their strengths and missions, and its needs to drive relevance across a broad set of stakeholders including patients, employees and healthcare partners. BEAMY was tasked to seek a solution for them. An extraordinary 8-year effort between Chinese and Western healthcare, the Jiahui Healthcare ecosystem is a groundbreaking achievement and all aspects of the brand expression should reflect the care and attention that this effort has required. Jiahui Health’s responsibility is centered around Care, which begins from the patient with abundant honest communication, not solely on the treatment, but also close to the heart, striving to become Your Partner for Life. We began by addressing the inconsistency of the department logos – out of the 6 departments, there were only 4 departments with bilingual lock-up and all 6 departments were in English only. We created 6 bilingual logos in both horizontal and vertical lock-ups. The color palette was harsh and did not reflect care and quality; we came up with a new color palette which was lighter but not creamy – suggesting care, respect and the quality healthcare service Jiahui Health provides. Jiahui Medical Center and Jiahui Clinic were using the same colour (purple); to avoid confusion and address operation needs, we proposed different purple for the 2 departments. We then changed both the English and Chinese typeface on the logotype, refining the strokes and corners in the Chinese typeface to depict exclusivity and quality. The combination of the logomark and logotype in its respective colors inspires higher ideals, symbolizes care, respect, trust, and understanding. Following the refresh of the bilingual logo and its horizontal and vertical lock-ups, we proceeded to creating new patterns, business cards, stationery, brochure, photography style and identity guidelines including key visuals, avoiding bleak and sterile imagery, focussing on the most intimate and important moments for everyone, evoking emotions of care and authenticity. With its new brand identity in place to unite and inspire its people from overall planning to daily operations, Jiahui International Hospital is committed to fostering an environment with personalized care and highly efficient operations.

Bronze in Typography 2019
Bronze in Integrated Graphic Design 2019
Bronze in Branding 2019

Design Director
Jiahui, Inc
Design Team

Client Management
Emily Shen, BEAMY
Business Director
Yutien Peng, BEAMY
Client Management
Summer Zhang, BEAMY
Yoyo Yang, BEAMY
Jolyn Ong, BEAMY
Creative Director
Ronn Lee, BEAMY

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