The Future Sees You

by The Cutaway

The Future Sees You presents the beauty of the optimism embraced by the young creative adult – the future thinkers, innovators, designers and artists of our world.

The Future Sees You captures the emotions, beliefs and hopes from a selected group of young creatives at the renowned Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University. Projected out from the design campus windows, the eyes blaze through a vibrant spectrum of colour, and at times appear to be following you through the crowd as they look out with confidence into the Melbourne night.

Through these eyes they see the future, the thinker, innovator, designer and artist: tomorrow’s creatives who will change our world.

Our aim was to launch a new design campus through the creation of a dynamic projection installation. We wanted to share the students hopes and dreams to the public, therefore we filmed their eyes with the aim to capture the intimate beauty of the optimism embraced by the young creative adult. Over 17 individual projections were projected through 32 windows of the building creating a unique story of multiple visual engagements, that together worked as one dynamic story


Gold in Mix Media/Moving Image 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Beck Storer

Design Company

The Cutaway


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Torrens University

Design Team

Creative Director: Beck Storer, Creative Director: Paul Meeuwsen, Designer: Candice Cooke, Designer: Beth Forrester, Designer: Jaime O’Meara and De...

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