Les Concerts du mercredi 17-18

by WePlayDesign

“Les Concerts du mercredi” organization offers classical music concerts to an eclectic audience. Unlike a musical recording, the conditions of space and time (condition of space-time ) make each performance unique. This observation is the starting point of our approach, which led us to develop a generative design to produce 750 different unique posters. The music and its variations are illustrated by a series of forms representing the idea of movement and gesture. For this project, a custom typeface named «Bourdonnette» was designed in two weights, sans and mono.

Silver in Promotional Materials 2019

Design Director
Cedric Rossel + Sophie Rubin
Les Concerts du mercredi
Design Team
Cedric Rossel + Sophie Rubin

Art director, Type designer
Cedric Rossel, WePlayDesign
Art director
Sophie Rubin, WePlayDesign

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