Caribbean Council Rebrand

by Stephen Carpenter

The Caribbean Council supports trade, investment and development across the Caribbean and Central America. A long-established consultancy and membership organisation, specialised in providing trade and investment advisory services covering the Caribbean, the Guianas and Central America. I was appointed to undertake the rebrand The Caribbean Council in 2017. I created a new brand identity with a striking new organisation logo, fresh branding across their platforms and a new website.

The new brand identity reflects the Council’s new and enhanced capacity to meet the needs of businesses and investors interested in the region and to better showcase the region to a wider audience. Featuring the crystalline blue colours of the Caribbean Sea, the logo is inspired by a light-house, representative of The Caribbean Council’s primary role as a beacon to attract increased trade and investment into the Caribbean and Central America; and also to guide those companies and investors to help them to navigate the business environment in the region with confidence and success.

The rebranding was formally unveiled at a meeting of the Council’s Advisory Board in December, attended by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister for the Caribbean, Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon.


Silver in Website Design 2019

Bronze in Branding 2019

Bronze in Logos 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Stephen Carpenter


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