EAB Firm Brochure

by EAB

EAB partners with education leaders, practitioners, and staff to accelerate progress and drive results for educational organizations across the country. EAB's company brochure was designed to tell their story, expressing who they are and the people they serve with a small digestible brochure. The brochure cover has a beautiful soft touch coating with a delicate pattern on the front. The inside of the brochure uses a white uncoated 80 pound paper with beautiful humanized photos, blocks of color and detailed illustrations. This piece was thoughtfully designed to consider all aspects of use from digital to print and is shared across the membership and externally. It is accessible through a digital book application and the company site.

Bronze in Book Design 2019

Design Director
Sarah Ostrander
Lia Davidson
Design Team
Design Strategies and Solutions

Project Manager
Lia Davidson , EAB
Production Specialist
Stewart Jordan, EAB
Creative Director
Kinsey Fore, EAB
Art Director
Joy Drakes, EAB
Sarah Ostrander, EAB

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