BMW Xplore

by Sebastian Gier

BMW Xplore is a mobility service experience concept that elevates the journey and removes pain-points in mobility through a human-centered design and iterative prototyping process. Since the history of human-kind people dream of controlling time and space. Especially when it comes to mobility humans spent a tremendous time moving between places.. The project how mobility will empower people to experience virtual time-travelling, new ways to interact with the augmented space around them and explore the world we are living in.

Detailed Description:

BMW Xplore is a mobility service experience concept that builds on touchpoints that have been identified after studying peoples behaviours, dreams and problems on long-distance driving. The project contained extensive user research, immersion and iterative prototyping in the context itself - like the vehicle for instance.

BMW Xplore offers curated mobility experiences that built on the vehicle as the platform. It gives users an overview of locally available experiences that include required tickets, equipment, digital content and offers users to personalise their experience for example by ordering needed items to deliver them into the vehicle beforehand. All involved people can personalise their experience on the digital platform but also modify the journey and propose things to see along the way.

When people arrive at the vehicle they get welcomed by a fully prepared vehicle. The entertainment-system democratised the digital aspect within the vehicle and gives everyone access to music, the route and enables people to discover aspects of their surrounding and destination. In addition, it enables and triggers interaction between people in the vehicle by giving an overview about when the journey becomes interesting and when highlights will appear. It gives all passengers in the vehicle tools, which were usually restricted to the driver, to create a more social and collaborative experience.

During the user research, people often...


Gold in Interactive Design 2019, Non-Pro

Silver in Digital Tools and Utilities 2019, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Sebastian Gier

Company/University or Design School

BMW Group / Umea Institute of Design


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Individual Credits

Designer: Sebastian Gier, BMW Group / Umea Institute of Design