System Identity

by True Company

The Consorzio Camerale per il Credito e la Finanza is a traditional public Italian institution that recently switched its mission to promoting, supporting and encouraging businesses in accessing complementary finance, credit and Fintech. The institution’s mission is to be in line with the market and its target by adopting an innovative corporate imagine reflecting the future. The rebranding project is built on the development of a new logo and a new naming: the institution becomes an innovator in its reference market, without losing its authoritarian tone.


Bronze in Branding 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Matteo Mascetti

Design Company

True Company


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Consorzio Camerale per il Credito e la Finanza

Design Team

Matteo Mascetti, Camillo Addis


Entrant Companies

Consorzio Camerale per il Credito e la Finanza, IT


True Company, IT

Individual Credits

Design & Innovator Director: Matteo Mascetti, True Company
Art Director: Camillo Addis , True Company
Account Director: Amanda Frascolla, True Company