Omorphis Branding

by Tiny Hunter

Watching her three daughters enter their late teens and early twenties, Mary Flaskos, founder and owner of Omorphis, understood their desire to feel and be beautiful. But she worried about the role models and products available to them. Mary’s dream was born; to create a 100% natural and organic solution and she came to Tiny Hunter to create a brand that matched these aspirations.

The first step was to formulate the brand strategy; focussed on Mary’s deep desire to create 100% natural and organic skincare products for her daughters. This was brought to life with inspiration by the Greek heritage within the family and the beauty secrets infused in Omorphis. A modern adaptation of the letter Omega has been used for the two ‘O’s’ in Omorphis. Also interpreted as two figures, mother and daughter.

The contemporary, modern approach to packaging in black ensures shelf appeal amongst a sea of whites and neutrals within the organic skincare market.


Silver in Branding 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Jen Mellander

Design Company

Tiny Hunter


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Design Team

Jo Cao


Entrant Companies

Tiny Hunter, AU


Omorphis, AU

Individual Credits

Creative Director: Emma Scott, Tiny Hunter
Copywriter: Brooke Nolan, Tiny Hunter
Copywriter: Giuliana De Felice