Habit Action corporate re-brand

by sixredsquares

Habit Action approached sixredsquares to create a vibrant new brand for their office fit-out and design business. The brief was to develop a new identity that married the logical and creative outlook of the business and its people. It had to be contemporary and versatile enough to work across many print and digital-based media. The company's tone and positioning had to be clearly defined as part of the process, creating a new communication style for the brand that could be themed across all marketing and communication materials. In a crowded London market, Habit Action wanted to stand out and be a bit different. They wanted to embrace what made them special and not try and shout louder than their competitors. In addition to developing the new brand, sixredsquares were tasked with rolling the brand identity out across the company's website, stationery and pitch material.

Initially the client had felt pressured in to creating a very 'cool' and 'hip' new brand that they thought would suit the London market. They were worried that the analytical and creative elements of the business would clash and that a very slick and bold look would be high-impact. However, during brand workshops carried out by sixredsquares, it became clear that this was an image that the company was not really suited to or comfortable with. The approach of sixredsquares was to re-focus on 'who' and 'what' the company really was and stay true to that. Embracing the theme of logic meeting creativity allowed the brand to focus on the strengths of the team and turn a previously perceived negative, in to a positive. The different thought processes allowed us to use the two sides of the brain as a vision vehicle for the brand style. The end result was a brand that looked contemporary and...


Gold in Branding 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Peter Cass

Design Company



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Habit Action