Sbjct Journal - Identity and Website Design

by NR2154

Sbjct Journal is an online magazine that features extraordinary individuals from a range of industries and offers a platform to spark conversation about subjects and causes that inspire and move them. We designed the brand identity, which features a system of hand drawn and handwritten elements that add a personal and playful touch to the contrasted typography, as well as the magazine's website. The handwritten logo sbjct: changes with every new featured individual's article and the signature red colon is found throughout the branding and website as Sbjct's icon.

Bronze in Digital Design 2019

Design Director
Stefanie Brückler
Sbjct Journal
Design Team
Creative Director: Jacob Wildschiødtz Design Director: Elina Asanti Art Director: Julie Lysbo Designer: Stefanie Brückler

Stefanie Brückler, NR2154
Art Director
Julie Lysbo, NR2154
Design Director
Elina Asanti, NR2154
Creative Director
Jacob Wildschiødtz, NR2154

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