by Styria Medienhaus

This Illustration promotes a special event about women in career on International Women’s Day.
On this day, women in Vienna can develop their knowledge by attending seminars and taking part in numerous workshops.
In addition, female personalities from different branches who have already made careers will be there to talk about career and goal setting. The women will then have the opportunity to ask questions in small discussion groups.

My illustration shows the whole event, what happens there, what can be done there, for whom this event is meant. The illustration is built in a kind of dollhouse because the whole thing reminds us of our childhood as girls but especially of our development into women. What I didn't want, of course, was to put all these Barbie dolls in my house. I wanted to represent all types of women, no stereotypes and no skin colors.


Bronze in Illustration 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Linda Stern

Design Company

Styria Medienhaus


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Design Team

Linda Stern