Goede mannen door Immer

by Immer Systems

Goede mannen door Immer is a search for a better way to bring literature to smartphones. After years of research on reader experiences and the display of text on paper, smartphones and e-books, Immer has released its demo Goede mannen door Immer. Through this app we hope to collect more data on reader experience and augment the concept of Immer to the benefit of the reader. Besides that, the app hopes to engage readers in a different way. The text isn't static anymore: it moves, flows and is seperated into manageable portions. It also includes music to guide the readers through the text.


Gold in Mobile Interaction & Experience 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Niels 't Hooft

Design Company

Immer Systems


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Design Team

Niels 't Hooft (lead designer), Saskia Freeke (visual designer), Studio van Roon (book cover design)


Entrant Companies

Codeglue, NL
Singel Uitgeverijen, NL

Individual Credits

Visual Designer: Saskia Freeke
Photo author: Koos Breukel
Cover Design: Ron van Roon, Studio Ron van Roon