Designing the Biggest Protest in US History

by Big Monocle

By late December, the Women's March on Washington grew from a Facebook event into a phenomenon, and its organizers were desperate for a visual identity to unite its disparate chapters around the world.

Big Monocle was asked to submit a proposal for the project, requiring logo options, a creative identity, swag, banners, and social media templates. All in five days. We scrambled a team of designers, barely met the breakneck deadline, and screamed with joy when our design was selected on 12/08. The logo is subtly feminine and distinctly strong—three faces looking forward in a muted red, white, and blue.

On 12/11, we began creating comprehensive brand guidelines. On 12/13, we rolled them out to the world. By 12/30, we'd created 60 U.S. and 47 international logos. Soon, it became recognizable worldwide—the de facto symbol of the Women’s March, which, on 12/21/17, became the single biggest protest in American history.


Graphic Design of the Year 2018

Gold in Promotional Materials 2018

Gold in Logos 2018

Silver in Integrated Graphic Design 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Amy Stellhorn

Design Company

Big Monocle


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Women's March on Washington

Design Team

Teresa Herd, Executive Creative Director Amy Stellhorn, Creative Director Nicole LaRue, Illustrator & Designer Wolfgang Strack, Designer Lisa B...


Individual Credits

Writer: Jeffrey White, Big Monocle
Project Manager: Stephanie Jukoff
Designer: Julie Brigham, Big Monocle