Royal Imports Corporate Identity

by GoodWin Idea

Royal Imports is a well-known company with a great reputation and long history. The previous company identity was created many years ago when the company was originally launched. The executive leadership of the company wanted to update its identity and brand and namely the company logo in order continue to attract customers and keep up with the contemporary visual perceptions.

We started with the current logo – a modified crown. The client wanted to continue to have a “crown” in the logo not only because it’s related to the company’s name, but because of existing customer familiarity. As a result, we created a contemporary style clean and simple crown icon. Its shape and parts of the shape has been extended to the company brand, including business cards, labels, packaging, marketing materials, etc.

Because the work for this client was extensive, we’ve only included most relevant pieces which showcase key elements of the graphics and style.

Projects specs:
Logo design, brand colors scheme and fonts selection, stationary design, packaging including labels and boxes, website hero images, marketing materials, invitations, catalogs, booklets, flyers, magazine advertisement

Effects for many of the items:
Silver foil, matt foil

The end-to-end process included:
Conception/creative direction, design, prepress


Silver in Branding 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Ekaterina Asparouhova

Design Company

GoodWin Idea


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Royal Imports