by Number8 Creative Inc.

This is the logo design and branding for "Relux", an internet service for making reservations at lodging facilities. "Relux" is a combination of the words "relax" and "luxury", as the service carefully selects only high-class lodging facilities for its users.
The seven lines in the symbol represent the biorhythm of our feelings such as joy, sadness, or surprise, as well as each of the seven days of the week. This is intended to convey that "Relux" is there for how you feel each and every day.


Gold in Branding 2018

Gold in Logos 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Kei Sato

Design Company

Number8 Creative Inc.


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Loco Partners Inc.


Entrant Companies

Number8 Creative Inc., JP


Loco Partners Inc., JP

Individual Credits

Art Director, Graphic Designer: Kei Sato, Number8 Creative Inc.