Make-A-Wish Branding

by Rule29

In today's image-driven, digital world, the look and feel of non-profit brands has become more and more important when vying for funds and support.

With their trademark swirl and star, Make-A-Wish is one of the most recognizable non-profits in the world. However, it had been quite some time since Make-A-Wish had taken a comprehensive look at their entire brand and they realized that the organization had grown beyond the dated look and feel of their logo and identity. In 2015, Make-A-Wish decided it was time to create one, truly global brand...and we got the chance to get in on it!

Because of the organization’s brand equity worldwide, it was important in the brand refresh to preserve certain elements of the logo and brand system, while creating a more contemporary and refined look. There were several non-negotiables with regards to the logo – it was necessary to maintain some semblance of the swirl, star, and hyphens between words, as well as preserving the same blue brand color,

Once the final brand was established, we helped draft a strategy for the internal launch of the brand (in October 2017) that included a launch video, HTML emails, and presentation decks.

The response to the new, refined Make-A-Wish brand has been overwhelmingly positive and we continue to enjoy building out the brand through a variety of avenues.


Gold in Promotional Materials 2019

Silver in Branding 2019

Bronze in Logos 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Justin Ahrens

Design Company



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Design Team

Susan Herda


Individual Credits

Creative Director: Justin Ahrens, Rule29