Fluxtek Brand Design

by Process Ltd. (Taipei)

Founded in 2000, FLUXTEK is a brand of water purifier from Taiwan doing business worldwide. FLUXTEK focuses on the production and sale of water treatment equipment and various filter consumables. Through the accumulation and integration of resources, FLUXTEK has been establishing competitive advantages, and continues to invest in research and development to improve product quality, market competitiveness, and customer satisfaction. The marketing network covers 25 countries including Spain, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Japan, and Southeast Asia. FLUXTEK also occupies the status of leading brand in emerging markets such as Turkey. As the enterprise grew stronger and the enterprise gradually moved toward conglomeration, the overall enterprise structure needed to be reviewed and reorganized. In the past, the brand management and market expansion were mainly based on B2B, which has achieved remarkable results. On top of the success, the B2C brand was further promoted, and the brand positioning and image shaping were completed with the aid from the project of Branding Taiwan in order to enhance the brand image in the eye of the end consumers. The logo design was derived from the original “seagull” symbol, which conveys the concept of finding the cleanest water source, develops a powerful brand element, and solves the problem of different brand names in some countries. As a result, the seagull became a common symbol of the group and further enhanced the image of employer's brand management. We assisted FLUXTEK in building the strategy basics of the B2C brand and figured out the persona of its target group. The completion of corporate imageries showed the brand's high affinity and life-oriented image to its consumers. The simple, memorable, and flexible “semi-circles” representing water flow were used as a supporting graphic in various promotional materials. All of these elements helped FLUXTEK become a iconic brand in the water purifying industry.

Bronze in Branding 2019

Design Director
Xinhong Yeh
Fluxtek International Corp.
Design Team
Estela Lin, Jules Li, Kaiching Liu, Peggy Chen, Nina Chao, Xinyi Lin, Verna Lee, ridea web design
Process Ltd., TW
Fluxtek International Corp., TW

Web Design
Costume Designer
Verna Lee, Process Ltd.
Show Leejuan
Brand Consultant
Kaiching Liu, Process Ltd. (Taipei)
Brand Consultant
Nina Chao, Process Ltd. (Taipei)
Consulting Director
Jules Li, Process Ltd. (Taipei)
Consulting Director
Peggy Chen, Process Ltd. (Taipei)
Implementation Designer
Xinyi Lin, Process Ltd. (Taipei)
Motion Designer
Estela Lin, Process Ltd. (Taipei)
Design Director
Xinhong Yeh, Process Ltd. (Taipei)

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