Piero Dorazio - Spazio e utopia del colore

by De Marco Design

Piero Dorazio (Rome, 29 June1927 – Perugia, 17 May 2005) was a Italian artist, one of the major exponents of Italian abstractism. In 2017, the Milan art gallery Il Mappamondo organized a private exhibition dedicated to Dorazio. Il Mappamondo commissioned me the design of the exhibition identity. I composed the name with color rectangles and lines, I was inspired by his paintings. Dorazio was also known for using colors, for this reason I used four palette colors sampled from a picture. I replaced the letter O of PIERO with a detail of the picture for an immediate communication.


Silver in Branding 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Danilo De Marco

Design Company

De Marco Design


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Il Mappamondo