GIF (Gender & Intersectional Feminism) Brown Bag Series

by Ting Wang-Hedges

GIF Brown Bag Series aims to provide UAFS faculty with opportunities to share their on-going research on issues related to gender and intersectional feminism. It is interdisciplinary in nature and encompasses all colleges and disciplines at University of Arkansas Fort Smith. The logo and other promotional materials are meant to be used via emails and social media only, there were no print materials. Since 2017 Fall semester to now (Fall 2018), GIF Brown Bag Series has been offering 5-6 presentations each semester, and it received extensive participations and positive reviews from faculty, students and administrators across the university.

Bronze in Logos 2019

Design Director
Ting Wang-Hedges
GIF (Gender & Intersectional Feminism) Brown Bag Series Committee at UAFS
Design Team
Copywriter: JaeYoon Park, Ann-Gee Lee

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