Play3d Augmented Reality App

by Signature Creative Inc.

Play3d Mobile App creates the world’s most photorealistic & shareable augmented reality experiences. With super high-resolution photorealistic imagery that’s lightning fast to place, Play3D is more than just 3D photo stickers, it’s an Augmented Reality (AR) experience that is so lifelike it’s amazing. Place them anywhere on any surface and create your very own stories. Optimized for iOS 12 and powered by ARKit, Play3D brings you the next generation of Augmented Reality capture technology and offers a line-up of exciting, breathtaking holograms that you’re going to love. Play3D is fun and easy to use. Look for the surface, choose a character and place. Then record and share your fun moment. It’s that simple! You can even share directly to Messages in your iPhone. Whether you’re looking for an Extended Reality, Mixed Reality or Augmented Reality experience, there’s nothing more real than Play3D. Bring the power of Play3D into your videos. Download today!

Gold in Mobile Interaction & Experience 2019
Gold in UX, Interface & Navigation 2019
Silver in Innovative Use of Mobile Technology 2019
Silver in Mobile App 2019
Silver in Apps 2019

Design Director
John Gheur
Altered Reality Corp
Design Team
Signature Creative, Altered Reality Corporation

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