Practice what you preach, rebranding for our own agency


After operating for 1,5 year in Hong Kong we felt the urge to practice what we preach and take a good look at our own logo and brand identity, both on­ as offline. As a lot of agencies struggle with being their own client, we took on this challenge with both hands and started to work on our own brand positioning.
The main objective was to have our logo & brand identity to represent the growth the company had went through, showcase our USP's, digital character, ability to cater a wide variety of industries and that fits our design believes.
Balance is key in any logo design. WECREATE is all about balancing playfulness and professionalism. With hints of 'upward' and 'forward thinking thoughts', we aimed on injecting Feng Shui into our crafted logo. We've added a playful elements as pattern in our brand DNA.
For our graphical element / favicon as part of the identity, we have created a simplified 'coat of arms', signifying the WECREATE family. With defined lines in geometrical symmetry creating a 'crown' at the top, in line with the W in WECREATE, we added a recognisable crown shape at the top to symbolise the level of quality we aim on to produce for our clients.


Silver in Branding 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Arthur kuipers, Eleonora Lam

Design Company



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Design Team

Arthur kuipers, Eleonora Lam