by Hye Jin Cho

This is the logo design and branding for a Seoul based educational consulting company, “KeyEdu”. They work for high school students who wish to study at American universities as a target audience. KeyEdu is the combination of the words “Key” and “Education” as the company helps the audience to achieve their goals successfully through professional college entrance consulting with a guided admission program. Since there are tons of educational companies in Korea, my client wanted to have a unique logo that people can remember easily to think of the company in order to get noticed in the fierce competition. So I came up with a key and incorporate it with a graduation cap, based on the meaning of getting the best results and opening a better future for students.


Honorable Mention in Branding 2019, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Hye Jin Cho

Company/University or Design School

Rhode Island School of Design


KeyEdu Inc.


Entrant Companies

KeyEdu Inc., KR


KeyEdu Inc., KR