Conversion of ideas, “Do you think it obvious?”


The campaign project 'Conversion of ideas' raises several points about discomforts and unfairness arising from discrimination and prejudice in everyday life. Title of this project “Do you think it obvious?” spells in irony that people are not supposed to discriminate or prejudice other ones, so this actually means these are obviously not obvious. In this project, I set up 10 problematic situations and made it in graphic and verbalized massages both. And made these to simple moving images for web and printed matters like stickers and leaflets for off-line campaign. This project tells about disabled access, sexism, maternity care, animal rights, gentrification, lookism, consumerism, occupational discrimination and agism.

Silver in Mix Media/Moving Image 2018

Design Director
Hyojeong Lee
Seoul Innovation Park (Korea, Republic of)

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