Mix Media/Moving Image Category

Entry Title:

1001 Voices: A Symphony for a New America


Professional Mix Media/Moving Image



Design Director:

Warren Lehrer

Design Team:

Warren Lehrer with Brandon Campbell




Queens Symphony Orchestra/New Music America

Individual Credit:

Warren Lehrer, 1001 Voices: A Symphony for a New America, EarSay

1001 Voices: a Symphony for a New America is a three-movement symphony scored for orchestra, choir, actors, and visual projections. The multi-media orchestral work is about migration, transformation, and the search for home, and is inspired by stories of immigrants and refugees in Queens, NY—the most ethnically diverse locality in the United States. The composer, librettist, and designer worked collaboratively on the creation/composition of the forty minute piece. The motion graphics run throughout the entire work, and is integral component of the work.