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SummitVine Branding


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Ali Hanshaw


Ali Marie Hanshaw Design


SummitVine Winery

The story of SummitVine is of evolution – from taking a piece of raw land and, through hard work, realizing a dream to create extraordinary wine. It’s a story about persistence and dedication and knowing that challenges are simply blessings waiting to break free. And, more importantly, the story is about love for family, friends, and the special moments that bring people together. When Michael and Susan realized their dream, they were anxious to make it a reality. They wanted a brand that captured their hard work and passion for wine. Luckily, I too have a passion for (drinking) wine so I felt it was a dream come true. Both eager to start, we got together and discussed ideas over dinner while I fell in love with their scenic estate and humble attitude. I kept thinking, wow…this place truly is a diamond in the rough. Their ideal location on top of Diamond Mountain’s rich volcanic soil produces grapes with truly unique mountain characteristics. A harmonious blend of climate, soil, exposure, elevation, and focused farming methods make SummitVine a hidden gem. I began to sketch different ideas and within the first few doodles came the idea of blending a mountain range with a diamond. Everything came together effortlessly as it felt magically perfect. SummitVine’s brand is truly rooted in the passion and quality of their work.