"Khan" Theatre Identity Redesign

by "Bezalel" Academy of Arts and Design

An identity redesign for the “Khan” theatre in Jerusalem.
The concept of the redesign was to take the conventional theatre perception and deconstruct it, both in the metaphysical (identity) and physical (material) level.
The theatre graphic design will now “speak” direct language to the audience - all imagery was replaced with actual textual content from the plays of the theatre. The posters were direct quotes from the plays. Play brochures were stripped down from any image or picture from the show itself and replaced with intriguing quotes and verbal information about the play. The word is the image and the content takes the front of the stage, consequently, enables personal interpretation of the play by visualization in the mind of the reader.

The materials on which the theatre outputs were printed were driven by the “what’s available in the print house” approach: Standard A4 or A3 wood-free papers. Same was applied to the color of the outputs - what are the available color paper in the print house.
This manufacturing approach set the structure of the printing materials well: no more conventional brochures with paper clips or glue bindings. The utputs will now be ready made stand alone pages that are easy to handle and cost-efficient to print.

Form followed function, and in this case the ready to use manufacturing mind set of the outputs set the design itself - various content types were fit to accommodate a single page (one sided print or two). Thus, providing digestible content to the theatre consumers and a free choice of the type of content they want to digest (what paper to pick and take, rather than receiving a pre-set brochure with the content already chosen for them).

The materials and manufacturing enabled the marketing of the theatre on the street level, “lowering”...


Silver in Branding 2018

Silver in Lettering 2018

Silver in Typography 2018

Bronze in Promotional Materials 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Anna Zigan

Design Company

"Bezalel" Academy of Arts and Design


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"Khan" Theatre