Autograph Hotel

by Anomaly

Designing 94 numbers for Autograph Hotel.
Each property in the Collection is represented by a number.
This number indicates when a hotel was welcomed into the family
and signifies that the individual hotels are part of a larger Collection.
No two numbers are alike. Each number is be designed to reflect the unique
personality of the hotel it represents.


Silver in Typography 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Kira Jenny Sea

Design Company



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Autograph Hotels Marriott

Design Team

Kira Jenny Sea, Andrew Guirguis, Alex Kuchta, Nicole Garcia, Adriana Longoria


Entrant Companies

Marriott Hotel, US


Anomaly, US

Individual Credits

Designer: Adriana Longoria, Anoamly
Senior Designer: Kira Jenny Sea, Anomaly
Designer: nicole garcia, Anomaly