by Nadezhda (Nadia) Korepanova

"AL!!VE” is an interactive design project which promoted adoption at “Era Miloserdiya” dog shelter. It is heartbreaking to look at sheltered dogs, awaiting their new families, but once these puppies find people who love them, they come back to life!

“AL!!VE” shows this transformation, by utilizing a capacitive sensor and relay through the open-source platform, Arduino, to animate a crumpled piece of foil by using human touch and love to show we have the same effect on abandoned dogs. The slogan of this project is “All dogs need love. Adopt one”.


Gold in Promotional Materials 2018

Silver in Interaction Design 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Nadezhda (Nadia) Korepanova

Design Company

Nadezhda (Nadia) Korepanova


"Era Miloserdiya" animal shelter

Video (direct link)

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