by University of Toronto

2 months ago, I received an invite by the ed-tech company known as Skillshare to teach a course on digital product design, more specifically “how to build a Minimum Lovable Product”. It was an honour to receive such an invitation and it wasn’t long after I received that invite that I happened to attend a focus group conducted by a social venture called “SaveForward”. How do these 2 things relate you may wonder? Well it was during this focus group (an incubee of the Sprout Ideas Fellowship) when I an idea sprouted from within me — to partner up with them in order to teach my course in such a way where I can be provide the most value in my life and work. It was one of those “killing 2 birds with 1 stone” decisions as I was able to marry the love and passion I have for social entrepreneurship (+ fintech and philanthropy as that’s what SaveForward’s about) with product design (+ community development and passive income as this opportunity SkillShare presented to me would enable).

But before we begin, what is SaveForward? It’s basically a fintech + philanthropy app that’s all about providing people a way to save money from impulse purchases such as coffee or the like in order to save towards microloans for people in developing countries (or simply put — those in need)


Gold in Mobile Responsive Design 2018

Gold in UX, Interface & Navigation 2018

Bronze in Mobile App 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Tian-Yuan Zhao

Design Company

University of Toronto


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Individual Credits

CEO: Celyn Brown, Saveforward