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Kanga - Discover. Build. Shop and Sell


Professional Mobile Interaction & Experience



Design Director:

Supriyo Roy

Design Team:

Surpiyo Roy, Alfred Sebastian


Spangle Inc. / Kanga

Kanga is an one of it's kind social shopping experience which brings the shoppers and influencers together like never before. In today's e-commerce world where products are flooded with trust markers and social proofing, It takes more than just reviews and ratings to instil that confidence and build that personal angle towards anything you would want to purchase online. Millennials are ready for a social marketplace however they have a broken experience where social media isn't inherently shoppable and e-commerce isn't inherently social. This is what gave birth to the concept of Kanga where users are the makers and brand builders. Users form a genuine community which inspires one another and discover trends and products. Influencers and trend-setters get to utilise the platform seamlessly by much more effective and contextual product recommendations. You can tag relevant content (photos and videos) with products, create your personalised collections and make Kanga in your own style. Every time your collection, photo, or video results in a sale, you get paid. Fueled by authentic user-generated content and powered by a robust shopping platform, Kanga brings the best of both worlds.