Noom Coach

by Noom, Inc.

Noom’s mission is simple: Create products that help people lead healthier lives. Our programs help users develop the skills they need to develop and sustain a healthy lifestyle long-term. We’ve created a fun and easy approach to a daunting task such as weight loss. Providing an enjoyable user experience helps them in their journey to lead a healthier lifestyle. Users receive daily in-app content, including articles, quizzes, and interactive challenges accompanied by fun, vibrant illustrations. The food logging feature provides immediate feedback and suggestions with an easy-to-understand color system that helps users understand how to make better food choices. One-swipe logging makes adding foods quick and easy. Along with food, users can also track their weight, exercise and biometric data including blood pressure and blood glucose levels. Additionally, the user can chat with their trained, personal health coach as well as a group of like-minded peers to provide motivation throughout their health journey right in the palm of their hand.

Silver in Mobile App 2018

Design Director
Logan Merriam
Design Team
Logan Merriam Young in Suh Anthony Caceres

Lead Product Designer
Logan Merriam
Product Designer
Young in Suh
Graphic Designer
Anthony Caceres

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