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Peaks, the app that invests your spare change


Professional Mobile App



Design Director:

Lisanne Groenendaal

Design Team:

Lisanne Groenendaal Marie Benoist





Individual Credit:

Lisanne Groenendaal, Creative director / UX Lead, Peaks

Individual Credit:

Stephan van den Brink, Animator, Stephan van den Brink

Individual Credit:

Michiel Spijkers, Photographer, Michiel Spijkers Photography

Individual Credit:

Marie Benoist, User Experience Designer, Peaks

Peaks is a Dutch app that puts money aside and makes investing very easy. In 2017, Peaks was founded with the idea that it should be possible for everyone to feel financially free. Not just for people who follow the stock market or read The Financial Times. No, at Peaks we believe that anyone who has a bank account, some money and a bit of patience can invest. With Peaks you can start investing with just a single euro. We make it very easy for our users to put money aside, because with Peaks you can invest with your spare change. With every bank deposit, we round up the amount to the next euro. Your spare change goes to your Peaks account. If, for example, you do groceries for € 9.20, you automatically put aside € 0.80. Another option is to put aside €1 every day. With all those little bits of money, you put a lot aside in the long run. But where do you invest in? With Peaks you invest only in sustainable index funds. Controversial issues such as weapons, alcohol and tobacco are excluded. You invest in the top 25% most sustainable companies of every sector. The funds pay attention to how companies deal with people, the environment and how they are managed. These factors are measured to determine the sustainability and ethical impact of an organization. We find that important at Peaks. Peaks originated from the Old Dutch “piekenpijp”, which was a pipe that you filled with your spare change. After a while you saved a nice amount that you could use for something fun or useful. With Peaks you can also collect your spare change, but then from your bank deposits. It’s like a “piekenpijp 2.0”. See our website of more information or take a look at our animation video's. Animation about round ups: Animation about investing: Animation about index funds: