by Goal'd

Goal'd is a goal-oriented social media. Users can not only set goals and keep track of them with beautifully visualized data, but also share their goals and progress, post photos and status updates, join or create community goals to work with other like-minded users or friends, exchange knowledge, motivate each other, and read inspiring stories of illustrious figures around the world.

Goal'd started as a thesis project of the lead designer, Seunghee Yi, at Maryland Institute College of Arts in 2017 and the project was awarded as the "Best in Show" by the department. In order to bring this to the real world, Seunghee partnered with a talented developer and marketing strategist and the Goal'd team was established in June 2017.

Goal'd wants to give an answer to this question, "Why do people fail to achieve their goals?". Through extensive research, the team came with a number of solutions and applied them in the application. To put it briefly, Goal'd wants the users to enjoy the "process" of achieving goals, rather than focusing only on the outcome. People need to enjoy the climb itself in order to get to the top.

Goal'd will be released earlier this year. Get ready. Set your goals and make them goal'd!


Gold in Mobile App 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Seunghee Yi

Design Company



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