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Entry Title:

AFR Branding Development


Professional Branding



Design Director:

Clement Young

Design Team:

Ruth Kwong, Candy Chow, Elvey Tong, Damon Poon


bdworkshop co. lt.


AFR France Restaurant


bdworkshop co. ltd., HK

A Hong Kong based France Restaurant serve in US fast food style, AFR has developed a new standard of fast food. As pre one of the main concept idea from client, when you looking for something to eat or drink, there should have a reason, hungry? thristy? “A simple word is more powerful than anything to delivery your feeling!” owner said. Without any graphic elements, the campaign uses typographic approach and BOLDED font type with specified meaning on difference design across logo, stationery, packaging, tools, toys, website...etc. Unlike the other traditional French Restaurant, our mission is to present a young, modern and strong identity image to the customer.