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BayCare HealthNav – A Smart Symptom Checker App for Your Busy Life. The HealthNav mobile app is free and available for download on both iOS and Android devices.

Patients enter basic information such as gender and birthdate, which prompts the HealthNav app to
serve up a screen with the appropriate male or female, child or adult model. The patient is asked to
describe what’s wrong, select from a list of possible symptoms, conditions, and/or injury types, and
indicate the part(s) of the body affected. HealthNav’s Symptom Checker identifies ailments and
associated symptoms and recommends the level of care needed: Emergency Room, Urgent Care,
Primary Doctor, BayCareAnywhere (Telemedicine option), or Stay at Home.

Armed with this information, patients may choose to get driving directions to their nearest emergency
room or urgent care center, use BayCareAnywhere to video chat with a doctor from a smartphone,
tablet or computer, or find a doctor in the BayCare Physician Directory, which offers a list of BayCare-
affiliated providers that can be filtered by location, gender, and specialty.


Silver in Mobile App 2018

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