2018 14th Asakura Naomi Memorial Design Award / 2018 第14屆朝倉直巳教授紀念創作獎

by Kun Shan University / 崑山科技大學

Sound foundation creates infinite possibilities.
Hidden in layers, finding configuration, then seeing changes through patterns.
The basic style and design in this world, each shape has its own characteristics.
We develop from a sound foundation.
Starting to evolve, shift and weave followed by time passing by, and then further presenting the self-sense.
And from each of slide, there is no traditional thinking.
The fluctuation and materials within the slides may be of confusion or ups and downs of the revolution.
Finding a slide that belongs to your characteristic and advocating your own shines.



Gold in Education for Social Change 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Hung,Chia-Jung / 洪家榮

University or Design School

Kun Shan University / 崑山科技大學

Project Website

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Design Team

Hung,Chia-Jung / 洪家榮、Han,Yu / 韓瑜